Vita International VIP
Vacation Rentals & Guest Services
Luxury Property Sales
Vita International VIP
Vacation Rentals & Guest Services
Luxury Property Sales
Vita International VIP
Vacation Rentals & Guest Services
Luxury Property Sales
Vita International VIP
Vacation Rentals & Guest Services
Luxury Property Sales
Vita International VIP
Vacation Rentals & Guest Services
Luxury Property Sales
Vita International VIP
Vacation Rentals & Guest Services
Luxury Property Sales

VITA International VIP

Where the finest International Properties & Concierge Services meet all your holiday requirements.

We take pride in providing you with a uniquely definable First-Class service for “Hosted Vacations Rentals” & “International Property Sales”.


Discover the 24/7 “Vita Experience” and enjoy all the perks of a hotel concierge service, but in the comfort of your chosen holiday property. A true one-stop shop for all your vacation needs. Where the finest International Properties & Concierge Service meet the discerning traveler.

A new venture providing a uniquely defined, first class service for ‘Hosted Vacation Rentals’ & International Property Sales. This is a ‘Beginning to End’ Service with a Real Difference.

We always have you covered with the finest international and local Properties & Services. A true one stop location for your vacations.

Our Services

Guest Hosted Vacation Rentals

Welcome to Vita International VIP, where every holiday finds perfection. A whole new way to take your vacation in a completely unique personal way; we aren’t just a vacation rental business, but a travel company committed to bringing you a positively different experience. We stand firmly to our word. A booking with most rental companies may leave you in an entire new world to find your way around. Here, our VIP service will Meet & Greet you and walk with you through your entire programme, ensuring you enjoy a seamless vacation experience with a truly empathetic service which brings you home at heart; we are property & travel experts who fully understand aspirations and expectations.

Whereas there are thousands of rental companies in the market, we stay true to our word in excellence and service!

Guest Selection & Services

We go out of our way to ensure our guests have an unforgettable vacation experience; Select one of our listed properties which you believe may be suitable or provide us with your specification requirements and we will do all your evaluation for you. We check for suitability to your personal specifications before you commit to a booking. Once it’s confirmed you can choose from our selection of Concierge Services & prior to arrival, we will carry out all necessary checks, organize your housekeeping and ensure your expectations are met.

Whatever you need, we've got you fully covered!

Experience & Enjoy ‘The Vita Difference’… 24/7

As an international company with great aspirations, over time we aim to create worldwide ‘local affiliates’ with a proven working template, a system of like-minded people who can work together to create a better experience for our esteemed network of clientele & to provide you with all the necessary support you would require throughout your stay with personal & property protection 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We put together the right customers and the right price; we handle everything so you can relax securely

ONLY The Best…

Explore our diverse portfolio with an enviable selection of some of the world’s most sought after residences available for Sale or Short-Term Rental. So, welcome to a world with confidence, knowing our Guests and properties have gone through proper scrutiny & vetting. VIP has been borne out of the experience and characteristics of the hugely successful Vita Property Group in London ( so you will always enjoy the experience from a class-leading team of professionals – making VIP the destination of choice for the savvy & the sophisticated.

If it’s not up to our standards, it’s not good enough for you

Why you'll ‘Love’ The Vita VIP Experience!

From Home owners to Guests, we have the experience, expertise, technology and a team with an empathetic approach which ensures we synchronize everything, ensuring total peace of mind for all parties. Maintaining a cordial relationship with our vast clientele and keeping them synced so they don’t miss out on a thing. The doors to our offering are not opened to just anybody; it is our responsibility to ensure our Homes and Clients are treated with utmost respect.

Please search our property listings, or ask us to find suitable properties and then chose from our extensive range of Guest Services & Experiences

Luxury Hosted Villas for Golfers

Enjoy exclusive events in our elite villas, some furnished with standard gyms and indoor pools. We handle all the travel and transfer arrangements; we bring in chefs, masseuses, gym instructors & maids to enable groups to enjoy more quality time without being constrained by normal hotel restrictions. The groups will be allowed to take part in exclusive programmed golf events and achieve maximum enjoyment from the season.

Group Golfing has never been so much unrestricted fun!!

Property Management
A Professional Sales & Rental Partner

Property Management & maintenance is provided 24/7,
maintaining our client’s properties in prime condition.

We carry out fulltime Multichannel Property Marketing for Property owners, helping get the best scenarios to achieve maximum exposure on their property. We make use of hi-tech drones and HD cameras where appropriate to get the best views of the property. We can then bring them to market to secure equitable rentals or sales values. We control all the stages of both sales & rental processes and ensure rental properties are returned in pre-occupation condition and for sales we will carry out all that is necessary to realise their maximum equitable value.

Please search our property listings, or ask us to find suitable properties and we will do all the search & find for you

Featured Rental Properties

Featured Sales Properties


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On request we schedule a cost effective airport transfer to take you to your destination. Alternatively, we can help you secure vehicles depending on your choice for the vacation. They come at a cost-effective price without compromise.


We can provide both Low Cost & Luxury airport transfer to take you to and from your destination. We partner with the finest companies in Marbella for VIP luxury airport transfers. How would you like to be met at arrivals by your personal chauffeur and taken to our VIP parking area for transfer to your destination? We can also arrange VIP departure service where we assist you in making your return journey effortless and stress-free.


We can arrange car hire for you covering all types of vehicle at most airports with a variety of vehicles available to cater for all family sizes, or just individuals travelling light. There are both meet and greet service options as well as more economical car hire facilities available at many city locations as well as airports.


We provide housekeeping and maid services which will allow you to create time to explore your location and enjoy your vacation without worrying about chores. Also, we offer our guest’s trustworthy nannies that can help them handle the kids when they’re out.


We run a functional shopping service and prior to your arrival; all items purchased for an enjoyable arrival will be delivered to your apartment.


Explore the exquisite taste of varieties prepared by our local chefs and in-house caterers in the comfort of your home, at your beck and call. Enjoy your favorite dishes from the menu prepared by a real chef!


We can provide both professional beauticians & hairdressers who will handle your requirements in a variety of beautiful treatments. The services can be rendered either at your home or externally.


We can offer our Guests nannies, babysitters and a complete range of children seating & accessories . If you want a nanny for a few days or a babysitter for a night out on the town we can offer dependable, vetted people who have proven themselves to be honest, reliable and trustworthy. Knowing your children are in such capable hands will allow you to relax and really make the most of your night on the town.


We can make available, either by purchasing or renting, a complete internet TV service covering all UK, Scandinavian as well as other European stations which include all live sporting events around the world as well 1000’s of series and box sets as well as some of the latest cinema films, in the comfort of your business/holiday home.


Take full advantage of some of our villa’s own gyms, a lot of our apartments have them handy too. Our fitness instructors & masseuse can be made available to assist you with your routine workouts or massages.


Engage in our planned fun packed and exercising events entirely mapped out for you, there are various exotic sports you’ll be given the opportunity to experience.


All you need to have a thrilling time; the best restaurants, clubs, best spots for tourism and relaxation. We will help you make reservations and cruise in luxurious cars to destinations.


Cruise the waterways in style with our yachts; we will help you secure a yacht of your choice for recreation.




Dena Kent

(Director) Vita International VIP Ltd
Dena has been in customer service businesses for more than 40 years. Originally trained as a hairdresser in London, Dena has earned a hugely impressive following from her clients due to her dedication to hard work, unique attention to detail, a sense of serious responsibility and amazing organisational skills.
When she identified the opportunity to combine her skills and knowledge in order to create a ‘one stop shop’ vacation experience for all her clients, the natural progression was to add her personal touch to rental properties and offer a unique all-encompassing ‘advice and locate a property service’ and add a raft of concierge services to provide her clients with a complete vacation service.
Vita International VIP is now a business borne out of a vision and local knowledge and together with her team, Vita International VIP has a very exciting future ahead.

Roy Kent

(International Consultant)
Roy is someone who’s well-connected, well-travelled and business-focused and has honed those attributes and stamped his own empathetic personality to deliver innovative first class customer service. Not unfamiliar with demanding traveller expectations, Roy is the last word in ensuring ultimate satisfaction – for ten years to none more so than First and Business Class passengers for Etihad Airways, Emirates and Oman Air. Prior to this the leading companies in the UK insurance market, too such as Aviva and most of the Lloyds Insurers, Roy was instrumental in bringing innovation and change to this discerning clientele. So, it will come as no surprise then, that VIP has someone with ‘top quality’ at the top of your inventory.

Oliver Kent

(Director) – Vita Properties UK
Oliver is a thinker, an all-out strategist who understands that standing still doesn’t help anyone – least of all his clients. So, although Vita Properties was established in 2011 by Oliver himself, his tenacity, quality of service and ultimate knowledge of the London property market has ensured an unsurpassed niche service for clients who require something a little different.